​  Faster, Patented Protocol

  • With today's services, files larger than 5-10 GB are essentially physical. Why? Because sending them ties up your device for so long, you're better off shipping them overnight.

  • We've clocked Nexo at 3X the speed of the "box" services. At cable modem speeds, a 5 GB file takes them nearly 2 hours, where it takes Nexo only 45 minutes. 

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​  Group Productivity

  • We believe that the files you share should be set to "screen-only" by default. Full access should only be granted when a group intends to collaboratively edit or create them.

  • Fortunately, Nexo's peerGroup application supports lots of great collaborative features. These include automatic versioning, checking out/in, and secure group and private chat.

  • Our peerFlow mesh networking will enable us to support both voice and video chat in the future.

​  One Fixed Price, No Limits

  • With Nexo, files are exchanged directly between users' devices using a peer-to-peer mesh network. Since we don't handle your files (there is no cloud), we don't incur the massive costs of centralized storage, bandwidth and staffing like other services. 

  • With Nexo, after a 30-day free trial, you can send unlimited files and data for less than Dropbox's lowest paid tier.

  • There also is no limit to file size - send a 2 KB text file or a 100 GB video to as many recipients as you wish.

Supreme Security

  • Nexo uses military-grade encryption to safeguard your files - both on disk and in transit. And our mesh network protocols prevent file segments from being intercepted.

  • If the 60 million ID/passwords stolen from Dropbox didn't raise a concern about cloud vulnerability, the breach of 500 million Yahoo! accounts surely confirmed it. Cloud services conveniently aggregate millions of users at a single attack point. Nexo's largest target is a single user. Which would you go after?

  • Nexo's Personal Key is a mobile feature that leverages the identity verification inherent in your phone. When selected, files you send can only be opened when the recipient's registered phone is in Bluetooth range of their computer.

Greatest Privacy

  • Today, when you share a photo, document or video using the most popular services, you are giving control over its content to every recipient. They own it and can forward, save, edit, copy and print it.

  • Some services offer a “read only” option, but it’s often trivial to disable that setting. Even PDF content can be highlighted and copied.

  • We want you to be able to “loan” your files to others, so they can only see them on a screen. Limit the number of times a file can be opened, revoke access at any time and set an auto-delete date – you’ll always be in control of your information.

  • Plus, content flows from your device directly to its recipients - we never see any of it.